Physiotherapy for All


Physiotherapy for All

At Back in Line the physiotherapy team is a group of friendly, professional and highly experienced Chartered Physiotherapists, here to work with you towards achieving your physical fitness goals, whether that’s walking your dog without pain or running the London Marathon.

With extensive experience in musculoskeletal conditions and preventative management, the team treat patients in all areas including general aches and pains, pre/post operative care and specific sporting injuries.

They provide high quality physiotherapy solutions and deliver effective treatment results in an honest, ethical and professional manner.

They will work with you in establishing your diagnosis and formulating a treatment plan to ensure an optimum recovery. This can be achieved through a combination of mobilisation techniques, soft tissue therapy and a tailored exercise programme.

Your initial consultation will last up to one hour and include a full assessment, diagnosis and treatment. At this point your physiotherapist will provide you with a plan of care. Follow up treatments will last up to half an hour.

As members of an established physiotherapy practice we have excellent links with consultants, GPs and personal trainers.

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Physiotherapy for All.

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