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Improve your Mental Health

Improve your Mental Health with Back in Line.

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What is Counselling? 

Thinking about seeking help with your mental and emotional well-being can be daunting, and confusing. Our therapists are qualified to offer psychotherapy and counselling and together you can decide what you need from the sessions. Your therapist will not give you advice or tell you what to do, but rather guide you to find a solution or better understanding of yourself and the choices that you have. A trained therapist can offer a safe, understanding and supportive environment; sessions are confidential, enabling you to talk about things you might not feel able to discuss with anyone else.

Why choose therapy?

Sometimes life can feel overwhelming. It might be a recent change or event, a past trauma or simply a sense that something is not right, and life could be better. Seeing a therapist is about pressing pause and giving yourself the time and space to understand, heal, grow and thrive. Talking to a professional who is trained to listen, so that together you can understand yourself and your relationships, and see choices more clearly, can enable you to move forward from past traumas and meet current challenges.

What happens at a counselling session? 

Sessions last for 50 minutes and take place weekly in a confidential setting. The number of sessions can be thought about between yourself and your counsellor during your first meeting. You are always the one to choose what is discussed and when you share it. Your therapist will remain alongside you, impartial and non-judgemental, whilst offering you the time and space to explore thoughts and emotions.

Single session therapy (SST) is also offered at Back In Line. This is a one off, standalone counselling conversation lasting 75 minutes. A space for considering specific concerns, this session will not explore history or root causes, but focuses on the challenge you may be facing alongside your inner resources.

Getting the best from your therapy 

You’ll get the best results from your therapy if you’re open and honest with your therapist and say how you’re really feeling, however difficult this may feel. Your relationship with your therapist is very important. If you’re to work effectively together, you should feel safe and able to take risks by disclosing and discussing sensitive issues, knowing that the relationship is based on trust and equality.

For more information, please visit the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy website.

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