Michaela Fogden

who is

Michaela Fogden


Remedial and Sports Massage Therapist

Michaela is a sports and remedial massage therapist. She uses a range of techniques, including myofascial release, to reduce pain and restore function and mobility as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you train to be a massage therapist?

I was working in Marketing and looking for a change, I realised that I had a real desire to help people as part of my work. My sister, who is a chiropractor, encouraged me to think about massage, as this was what she had done previously and said I would find it really rewarding. Added to that I am a keen triathlete, and have had my share of injuries over the years, so I was fascinated about how the body works, and how pain in one area of the body can often be linked to somewhere completely different. I haven't looked back!

Where did you train and what was your course like?

I trained at London School of Sports massage in Regents Park.  It is a 1 year course run over 12 weekends, plus lots of additional study and practical time.  The course focused heavily on knowledge of the anatomy, which is so key to be able to treat specific injuries.

Tell us about your career so far

Following my graduation, I started working at Back in Line and also worked in another clinic in Chiswick.  I tend to focus on Myofascial release, a specific technique to relieve tensions, restrictions and adhesions in the connective tissue, helping restore balance and function. I have really enjoyed building expertise in this area, and helping clients get better movement. 

What is your favourite type of patient?

It's really rewarding to work with patients with chronic issues, for example in shoulders, hips and necks.  It is amazing to help reduce their pain and increase their movement.  I also love treating my active patients - especially runners and cyclists - and to swap training tips during our sessions!

What will we find you doing outside of the clinic?

I am a keen triathlete, so spend a lot of my spare time cycling, running, or swimming with my husband!