Katherine Sanders

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Katherine Sanders


Chartered Physiotherapist

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you train in Physiotherapist?

I really love working with people and enjoy seeing that I can help them improve their pain or issues affecting their lifestyle in what ever way that may be.

What is your style of practice?

I pride myself in providing expert assessment, treatment and rehabilitation to the local residential and business community and to meet the ever-increasing demand for fast access to high quality physiotherapy.

My approach involves hands on treatment to joints, nerves and muscles. The majority of my treatments are focused on giving specific education and exercise to address your needs and your goals by avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach. I enjoy educating my patients in their condition and rehabilitation.

What is your favourite type of patient?

Physiotherapy is a great career as I treat 8 year olds through to 90+ year olds and I love that diversity. However I do love getting involved with my shoulder patients and discovering their diagnosis and helping resolve their pain and returning them to their hobbies

What can you be found doing outside the clinic?

I set up Boathouse Physiotherapy, Pangbourne in 2014. It is now a successful Private business with a NHS contract. When I am not working I enjoy the Oxfordshire country side with my husband, 2 girls and dog. So there is enough to keep me busy!