Amy O'Connor

who is

Amy O’Connor


Clinic Director and Chiropractor

Becoming a Chiropractor is something I am thankful for every day. Being able to help people in pain is one of my biggest passions. I love that I’m able to help such a variety of patients from babies to the elderly and each one utilising different techniques learnt over the many years I’ve been in practice.

If you can’t find me treating patients in the clinic, I could well be out and about either treating an equine patient, competing my horses or dealing with the ‘admin’ side of the clinic… variety is certainly the spice of life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you decide to train as a chiropractor?

Having played lacrosse at international junior level and riding horses I suffered from a lot of lower back pain as a child. My mother had never heard of Chiropractic care before but having tried physiotherapy - unsuccessfully for me, she then followed the recommendation of a friend and took me to see a chiropractor. Thankfully we never looked back. My chiropractor was always my first port of call following any injury and I managed my pain amazingly whilst never having to stop playing sport or riding my horses (neither were ever an option!!).

Where did you train and what was the course like?

I trained at the Anglo European College of Chiropractic, one of the most prestigious Chiropractic colleges in the world. Training was extremely intense for 4 years and it certainly put my dedication to keep eventing my horses to the test! It was in my final clinical year at AECC that I was honoured to work under the watchful eye of Dr Joyce Miller, a world renowned paediatric chiropractor, who has written several books on evidence based paediatric Chiropractic and has spent 20 years researching the evidence behind why paediatric Chiropractic helps create healthier children, and therefore happier parents! It was this year that sparked my love for treating paediatric patients.

Tell us about your career so far

I have worked as an Associate Chiropractor at Back In Line since 2009 when I first graduated, learning from the founder of the clinic – Dr Vivienne Lyle. I will be forever grateful for the start she gave me in my career as a Chiropractor. Becoming the Clinic Director, along with Suzie, in 2019 has been an honour. To take over such an established and thriving clinic is a dream come true and Suzie and I will now put all our efforts into continuing Vivienne’s hard work.

What is your favourite type of patient?

My patients' ages have spanned from 4 days to 98 years old and everywhere in between but my passion for treating pregnant women and babies started at university. Since having my own two children, it has only given me more first hand insight into what my patients are experiencing when bringing babies into the world. I’ve also been lucky enough to treat some top athletes during my career so far and being so involved in the Eventing world as a rider, creates my passion for correcting the horse’s spine as well as the rider’s.

What is your style of practice?

The type of Chiropractic care that I primarily use is Diversified technique. However, I’ve learnt a lot of different techniques as you soon find out that no one person responds to the ‘same’ technique. The key thing for me is tailoring the type of treatment to that which is going to best suit the patient. They are at the centre of my care and I will tailor my practice to suit each one individually. My treatments also include dry needling which I often incorporate into my practice.

What will we find you doing outside of the clinic?

Outside the clinic you will find me either treating equine patients, training and competing my Event horses as well as being a mum to our 2 young boys! We are certainly going to have our hands full in 2020/21 as my husband trains towards competing in the Tokyo Olympics…now we just have to keep the horses and him in one piece. So to say life is full on would be an understatement but thankfully my husband knows I wouldn’t want it any other way!!

What are your aims for the future?

My aims for the future are to develop the clinic by introducing more disciplines so that we can offer our patients a more evidence based holistic care approach, all under one roof.