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Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire

Back in Line

Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire.

Plese note prices for Chiropratic will increase on April 1st. We can also no longer accept new patients covered by BUPA.

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What we do

Chiropractic is a primary health care profession that specialises in assessing, diagnosing and managing conditions of the spine.

Our team are all highly trained in finding the cause of pain in the spine and other joints. Often an injury can be caused by what seem like innocuous actions, such as bending down to tie up a shoelace, reaching up to a high shelf or exercising without adequately preparing your body.

Chiropractic is most commonly associated with back pain but the range of conditions Chiropractors are able to manage and help with goes far beyond just back pain. On a daily basis our team successfully treat issues from poor posture and knee pain to chronic headaches.

Although Chiropractors have a special interest in neck and back pain, when they assess patients, they take into account their entire physical, emotional and social wellbeing. At Back in Line our experienced Chiropractors will get to the root cause of the problem, provide a correct diagnosis and a treatment plan, that is specifically tailored to your individual needs.

All the Chiropractors at Back in Line are registered with the General Chiropractic Council, so you can be assured of the highest standards of practice whilst in our care. They are all dedicated to essential, continuous professional development, ensuring their treatment methods are following current, evidenced based research.

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Our Clinic's Story

Back In Line was founded by the wonderful Dr Vivienne Lyle over 20 years ago. She brought to Henley a lifetime full of Chiropractic love. Watching her father treat his patients was where her passion for Chiropractic began. Vivienne trained in Sydney but moved to England and founded Back In Line, having also trained as a Chinese Acupuncturist along the way.

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At the time of Vivienne founding Back In Line, Suzie was working alongside her as Sports Masseuse and Pilates Instructor.

In 2009 Amy joined the team as a new, highly enthusiastic, Chiropractic graduate and began to learn from the vastly experienced Vivienne and Jean-Pierre Bruyere, who was working at Back In Line whilst also treating professional tennis players.

After the very sad passing of their Principle, Amy and Suzie purchased Back In Line from Vivienne’s daughters, Alex and Zara in December 2019. Their enthusiasm to both nurture and grow the clinic are at the forefront of their minds. They aim to add several other types of care to the already offered Chiropractic and Massage, and consequently will be able to provide a more ‘well rounded’ type of care to both new and existing patients.

More than anything we want to be a clinic of excellence, priding ourselves in being a family friendly clinic, whilst providing our patients with the best care possible.

Chiropractor Henley Reading Oxfordshire